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Bamboo salad bowl

Bamboo is an amazing plant: it is unbelievably flexible and very stable. Bamboo is also highly robust and grows very quickly. It can also help prevent soil erosion and converts significantly more CO2 into oxygen than other plants. In Vietnam, bamboo is considered one of the most important natural resources and is used to create salad bowls such as these.

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Gifts for business associates

No matter if you like to please your customers, business clients or friends or if you need certain products for your own company: We certainly deliver corporate clients as well.

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Due Fragole tea towel

Hard-wearing tea towels made from 60% linen and 40% cotton featuring a herringbone pattern with vibrantly coloured stripes. Although we find these tea towels to be extremely decorative, they were, in fact, developed with tough kitchen work in mind. This design has remained unchanged for decades. The tea towels hail from a weaving mill in Anghiari in Tuscany, which has been producing textiles on looms dating from the first industrial revolution since 1842.

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Dave’s Coffee Syrup

Coffee syrup has been one of the most popular drinks in Rhode Island, on the east coast of America, since at least the beginning of the 20th century, and is not only a substitute for coffee, but also a great everyday refreshment when mixed with milk. Specially selected Brazilian coffee beans are hand-roasted in small quantities, allowed to rest for two days, before finally being brewed cold for 18 days and mixed with cane sugar. The coffee is then boiled down to a syrup, which allows the sugar content to become caramelised. The end result is a syrup that features a harmonious interplay between the roasted aroma of the coffee with the slightly bitter sweetness of the sugar.

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Dürer hare tea towel

Damask tea towel with Young Hare portrait by Albrecht Dürer. The watercolour was painted in 1502 and is among Dürer's best-known works. It has frequently been emulated and imitated in its 500-year history. The original is kept at the Albertina museum in Vienna. Made in Schlitz in eastern Hesse with half-linen (pure cotton warp, linen weft) with a woven-in image. Washable to 90 °C. 55 x 75 cm.

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Hare terrine dish 23 x 17 cm

This shallow dish made from white porcelain is ideal for serving terrine, pie or casserole. Its lid is in the form of a rabbit lying down and is reminiscent of the extravagant 18th century banquets with terrines in animal form, such as rabbits, wild boars, pheasants and even swans. Such dishes were in fashion in the European courts and were a highlight of every lavish dining experience. The type of meat used for the filling does not necessarily need to match the shape of the terrine. Heat-resistant, microwave and dishwasher-safe. Volume of dish 1.5 l, height including lid 15 cm, width 17 cm, length 23 cm.

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Dolfin Easter chocolate squares 24 pieces

24 mini chocolate bars in various flavours, such as milk chocolate, milk chocolate with coffee, milk chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts, 70% dark chocolate, dark chocolate orange and dark chocolate with caramelised hazelnuts. Box displays 24 different birds’ eggs. 108 g.

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