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Jörg Geiger alcohol-free cocktail

In recent years, Jörg Geiger from the Swabian town of Schlat near Göppingen have made a name for themselves in the production of fruit wines and alcohol-free cocktails and were awarded a prize by the international Slow Food foundation for biodiversity.

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Gifts for business associates

No matter if you like to please your customers, business clients or friends or if you need certain products for your own company: We certainly deliver corporate clients as well.

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Mini cheese fondue

For up to 200 ml of cheese fondue. Black earthenware pot on a mahogany plate. Heated with a tealight. Includes two fondue forks.

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Napoleon cutlery

Classic cutlery featuring a stylised laurel decoration where the handle meets the metal part. The laurel enjoyed great popularity during the rule of Napoleon Bonaparte as a motif in architecture and crafts in order to express both claim to power and the tradition of rule, thanks to its link to the Roman imperial period. The laurel branches are made from a nickel-safe zinc alloy, whilst the handles consist of a strong, scratch-resistant acrylic. The knife blades are made from a 13/C tempered steel which retains its sharp edge especially well; all other metal parts made from stainless steel.

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Ice Cube Cooler

Double-walled stainless steel ice cube container. The layer of air between the outer and inner wall provides good insulation and keeps the ice cubes frozen – and all without any cooling elements. With removable filter and lid with knob. Satinised inside, high-gloss polished exterior.

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Yaktrax ice grips for shoes

The patented spiral-grip system consists of a stretchy rubber/steel spring construction and fits easily over your shoes so jogging, walking and hiking can be done easily on snow or ice. In the USA this anti-slip aid has been used for years by the police, military and security services in extreme conditions. Adjustable, detachable Velcro strap over the foot’s arch.

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Snow Shovel

A square point shovel, very similar to those used in the USA. While snow scrapers can only push the snow along (the snow mostly falls to the side when you're using a full snow shovel to shovel the snow away), this shovel will clear large amounts of snow. The high rim stops the snow from slipping to the side. The riveted steel edge ensures that the snow is removed as completely as possible to prevent ice from forming, but it can also be used to effectively remove ice that has already formed. Aluminium blade. Hardwood handle.

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