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Jörg Geiger alcohol-free cocktail

In recent years, Jörg Geiger from the Swabian town of Schlat near Göppingen have made a name for themselves in the production of fruit wines and alcohol-free cocktails and were awarded a prize by the international Slow Food foundation for biodiversity.

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Gifts for business associates

No matter if you like to please your customers, business clients or friends or if you need certain products for your own company: We certainly deliver corporate clients as well.

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Kaapzicht Grape Juice

An unsweetened grape juice from the Kaapzicht Wine Estate in South Africa, pressed from a single variety of grapes called hanepoot, which in Europe is known as muscat d'Alexandrie and belongs to the muscatels. The juice's bittersweet taste and bouquet of fruits and spicy aromas impart winemaker Danie Steytler's delicate craft. The gentle sparkle makes the juice fresh and alive. Wines from this estate have been winning international awards and high scores for years in Wine Spectator ratings, with the fertile granite soil and maritime climate of the Cape region providing the best conditions.

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Red King Kubb game

This old Scandinavian skill and strategy game has enjoyed great popularity, primarily in Sweden and Norway, for many years. Played with two teams: the first needs to knock over the opponent's knights by throwing sticks, and then the king in the middle of the pitch. Since you can make the pitch as large as you desire and handicap rules can be applied, this game can grow and become very exciting. Includes a king with a red crown, six throwing sticks, ten knights and four pitch posts made of varnished rubber-tree wood.

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Ice Cube Cooler

Double-walled stainless steel ice cube container. The layer of air between the outer and inner wall provides good insulation and keeps the ice cubes frozen – and all without any cooling elements. With removable filter and lid with knob. Satinised inside, high-gloss polished exterior.

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