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Sugar rabbit

Such sugar bunnies have been popular in Germany since the middle of the 19th century, although chocolate bunnies won the upper hand in the 1950s when they became available in bulk orders at cheap prices. Now that sugar bunnies are no longer being industrially produced, handmade versions in their original form from the confectioners in the Upper Palatinate have emerged.

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Gifts for business associates

No matter if you like to please your customers, business clients or friends or if you need certain products for your own company: We certainly deliver corporate clients as well.

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Wooden Easter bunnies

For many people, Easter bunnies and Easter eggs are inextricably linked with spring. The Easter bunny, a symbol of fertility and, at Easter, an animal that brings children their Easter eggs, is lovingly crafted by hand. Our Easter bunny family is made by the wood carving and toy workshop Lotte Sievers-Hahn, where wooden figurines have been carved out of lime wood by specialist carvers since 1929.

The large and sparing cuts are characteristic and give the figurines a distinct and simple look.

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Thornback & Peel tea towel

Handkerchiefs from Thornback & Peel in London, where handmade decorative motifs are printed on linen union, a robust material woven with linen and cotton. The original design stems from the wooden carvings of the 19th century, and by printing them on a pure white background a fresh look is created.

Our work is a celebration of the quirkiness of British humour and design, a mixture of fresh colour with traditional imagery.

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Sterling silver egg cup

The advantage of silver egg cups as opposed to those made of earthenware or porcelain is that they are unbreakable as well as being very decorative. This makes them a traditional christening gift. Height 6.4 cm (2½), Ø 4.5 cm (2 approx.), Weight 44 g.

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